Why BridgeCoin?

It will be the first platform to bridge the gap between different cryptocurrencies in terms of liquidity, scaling, price discovery and arbitrage. It is developed by a highly dedicated international team of developers with years of experience in crypto and financial sector.

The many advantages of the
BridgeCoin currency and platform

Skillful coding and powerful community support will ensure its long-term success.

Decentralized exchange, high liquidity and convertibility, price discovery and arbitrage are economic priorities for development of the platform solutions.

Multi-platform support, guaranteed scaling and fast transaction confirmations represent the initial technical requirements of the platform.

Get started today

Download the node & wallet software by choosing your system below.

Windows (Zip - 64bit)

Standalone client software (v1.0.3)
compiled for Microsoft Windows.

macOS X (zip)

Compiled binaries (v1.0.3) for mac OS X (version 10.12+).

GitHub source

Explore the source code on github and compile the binaries yourself

Continue exploring

Our pool, explorer and forum will help you find all the information you seek.

BridgeCoin Specification

mining algorithm: scrypt
total coins: 27 million
block reward: 256 coins, halving every month
block time: 60 seconds
difficulty retarget: 10 blocks
default port: 6333, rpc port 6332